Thursday, 18 August 2011

Review of Sangenic Wrap & go

Received from Tommy Tippee

*A convenient and stylish nappy wrap dispenser intuitively designed specifically for busy mums on the go.
*Anti-bacterial wraps kill 99% of germs on contact
*Each nappy wrap is scented with fresh lemon fragrance
*Unique flexible handle for simple attachment
*Quick and easy tear off,with twisting lid to dispense or retract wraps.

I was lucky enough to receive the Sangenic Wrap & go for my first review of Ooh My Daze.Not only is the Sangenic wrap & go easy to use and assemble it is also an absolute god send.This great product comes with 2 rolls of Hygienic Nappy Wraps (15 wraps per roll) which vary in colour and have a fresh lemon fragrance.The wraps are very quick and easy to tear off with this product,as for many other nappy bags i have used when i try to tear them at the perforation they rip,these don't.The twisting lid is a great idea as when when i dispensed a wrap it was easy for me to use and make sure the others where nicely retracted inside the product.The beautiful lemon fragrance works a treat not letting any of the smell out from inside the wrap proved wonders when i was out and about for a few hours and it was left in my changing bag,opening my bag was like spraying an air freshener,even my fiance commented on how nice the smell was.For many mothers and fathers i am sure you would agree that when out and about it can prove difficult when having to change/dispose of your child's nappy but with the sangenic wrap & go this proves easy to use and dispose of.This is a very small product that fits nicely inside my changing bag which also comes with an attachable handle so i could attach it to the outside of bag,all other nappy bags i have used have either took up half my changing bag due to the size of the box they come in or have ripped when trying to use them.Overall i have nothing negative to say about this product and have already replaced my old nappy bags with these ones :).

Friday, 5 August 2011

I will stamp my feet!!

So it seems that my 13 month old daughter not only has a temper but now stamps her little feet when she doesn't get her own way!!Honestly thought as bad as it is its also quite cute and funny.Anyone else's child/children have bad temper problems?She is terrible with it at the moment even the smallest things get her going,if she can't open the door,or if she can't have my mobile phone.I know all children go through stages like this but with having my last child over 9 years ago i forgot what it was like lol.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Schools Out!

"Yay 6 weeks holidays mam" where the first words i heard from my eldest daughter as she came almost skipping through the door yesterday.Every child looks forward to the summer holidays (well most of who i know).So today being the first day of the holidays i'm expecting chantelle to do something with me or with her friends maybe??Err nope she lies in bed most of the day and has now decided to tidy out her bedroom cupboard!!!HELLOOO,she doesn't even do it when i ask her to but i am NOT complaining lol.

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Go bed!

Thankfully now we have imogen in a routine which was impossible a few months ago,but after constantly persisting with her we came out on top :D.So last night just after her bath and bottle she looks me in the eye smiles and says "Go bed" ha! I was gob smacked to say the least.Her vocabulary is amazing for her age,either that or its just been a very long time since my son was that young and i just can't remember.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Teething tantrums!

Imogen is now 13 months and she has just cut her 3rd tooth.Out of all my children she was late getting her first tooth all mine had at least a couple before they were one and none of them had any troubles at all.Imogen on the other hand is going through such a terrible time with hers at the minute,she didn't get her first tooth till just before her first birthday and she has just gotten 2 teeth within the last 2 weeks.Her first one came at the top,second at the bottom(which has come through slanted)and then her third one which she cut yesterday is another at the top.Although she is coping she is still suffering,she rams her fist in her mouth and bangs her head of the floor with the pain.I have tried what seems like everything to help her,powders,gel,calpol,even antiseptic liquid which numbs her gums.I just really feel for her at the minute as no mother wants to see their child in pain.Is there anything which someone can recommend please?